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Light & Subtle:

  1. Black Cherry Merlot
  2. Koze Clean Cotton
  3. Eucalyptus Ease
  4. Laze Lavender
  5. Enchanted Night

Strong & Bold:

  1. Laid-back Lemongrass
  2. Pretty Peach Bellini
  3. Mahogany Teakwood

Lighting a candle in your car is a bad idea, that's why we decided to provide a line-up of flameless and wickless scents! Introducing our new car diffusers in almost all of our signature scents. It will keep your car smelling AMAZING for over 2 months*

How to use:

1) Remove black lid

2) Remove clear stopper

3) Return black lid

4) Turn diffuser upside down for once or twice for a second

5) Use drawstring bead to hang on rearview mirror or stick shift.

6) Repeat steps every 2-3 weeks until inner liquid is finished



By purchasing our car diffusers, you agree to the following terms & conditions:


  • On first use, after removing the freshness seal, you must tilt the diffuser in a circular motion a few times to get the first proper use

  • After removing the freshness seal, the product must stay upright to avoid any potential spillage and ensure the best experience and smell

  • Do not leave the diffuser anywhere in your car that is subjective to unpredictable movement, i.e. your cupholder space

  • A refresh may be required every few weeks depending on desired scent strength. Lightly tilt the diffuser in a circular motion to dampen the wooden reed underneath the black lid

  • If there is no liquid left, the diffuser may need to be refilled,  please purchase the same scent refill oil**

  • For a change in scent, please purchase a new diffuser, as the reed will be permanently saturated with the original scent

  • String is adjustable and the metal bead can easily be removed, for easy addition to your car

  • Our recommended car diffuser placements are 1) hanging from the rearview mirror at any length or 2) hanging from the steering wheel stick shift preferably at a short length 

  • Product is only intended for use inside a car

*Subjective to proper use, by following the points above
**Coming soon, please use the same scent, per diffuser


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